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Meet the Founder

Anita Duarte first opened Duarte Poinsettias 27 years ago, in 1994. What started off as an experimental endeavor during the off-season for most plants became a Stanislaus County staple during the holidays, and cemented Anita’s title of “The Poinsettia Lady”. 


After almost three decades of running Duarte Poinsettias, it’s still Anita’s favorite time of year. She loves being able to meet everyone who comes from across California to visit, and the beautiful colors of all the different varieties. 


She also enjoys the opportunity to spend time with her grandkids, all of who have been coming in to help their entire lives, donning red aprons and bagging poinsettias from the minute they could walk. 

A Family Endeavor

It really is a family business at Duarte Poinsettias, and Anita's children and grandchildren have been involved since its (or their!) beginning. 

Through the Years

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